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Aug 042015

Contemporary Bark Art by Shirley Yeates

Contemporary Bark Art by Shirley Yeates

It was the miniature designs that caught my attention at first, and then as I looked at the whole stall set-up I saw a collection of very different art. I hadn’t seen anything like this before so I had to stop and chat to the lovely lady who created these gorgeous artworks. It’s amazing what can be achieved on retirement and Shirley certainly seized the opportunity to do something creative – and look at what she’s created.

Shirley Yeates Bark Art.Dresses

Shirley Yeates lived on a vineyard for a short while after her retirement in 2014 and each day as she walked around the property something caught her eye and sparked a flow of creative ideas that eventually became the start of a very creative retirement. Bark, lots of bark fallen from various beautiful Australian trees, each with different textures, colours, shapes and sizes – these were used to create artworks. The subject matter may not be so new but the style is quite clever and unique.

Shirley Yeates Bark Art.Lady

I can imagine Shirley’s studio (or creative nook) would house a huge collection of various bark pieces. Each will have the mark of a new design idea waiting for the artist’s hand to work its creation. What a wonderful way to use fallen pieces from nature to create such gorgeous artworks.

Bark Art of Shirley Yeates

Shirley can transform tree bark into contemporary art … but I also think that tree bark has transformed Shirley’s retirement. This lovely lady with her framed art can be found at various markets around Melbourne; so if you would like to get up close and see for yourself first hand, visit her Facebook page to check where and when she’ll be at craft markets. In the meantime, read all about Shirley’s work, browse through her photos, and enjoy what you see.

May 272015
Rolling Strips of Paper

I first met Maja back in 2010 in the early days of The Handmade Show. Maja’s very detailed and amazing quilling artworks caught everyone’s eye. She absolutely loved her craft and her creativity went beyond making cards and personalised framed artworks. Each month she would show us her next invention – gift box cards, magical changing pictures, miniature crafts, bracelets, …[Full story]

May 202015
The Spoon Flower

Recreated treasures are a passion of mine. So not only do I love recreating things I also enjoy seeking them out. There are loads of gorgeous ideas around and today I present you with one of those ideas I came across – The Spoon Flower – cute name and beautiful work. This is all about reusing, recycling and reducing – …[Full story]

May 152015
Tiny World of Miniatures

I love, love, love miniature crafts. They’re the cutest things to collect. I don’t know exactly what it is about miniature crafts but I love the idea of creating a little world – maybe it’s the child within  or the appeal of playing a story or living in a miniature scene.  It takes patience and lots of love to create …[Full story]

Apr 212015
Creativity Breeds Creativity

This following quote came through loud and clear whilst chatting with a very enthusiastic & creative lady at The Handmade Show last weekend. You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. — Maya Angelou The enthusiasm oozing out from Samantha, of Samantha Jones Designs, touched me incredibly. It’s definitely catchy! When someone talks to you …[Full story]