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Sep 202010

Eric Grohe creates amazing mural art designed to transform the environment and to endure for generations. He works in cooperation with architects, designers and community representatives to create these masterpieces.  Eric believes that …

his art should involve, challenge and inspire the viewer; not simply adorn, but integrate with its architectural surroundings.

I would love to see this kind of work on some of our drab old buildings in Melbourne’s CBD. Oh how it would lift them, brighten the city and the community.  I would love to see this artwork replace most (or preferably all) the awful grafitti around here. There’s not much more I can say at the moment as I’m in awe of Eric’s magnificent work.  But take a look for yourself at some of his work and see what you think – 

Honoring Every Soul With Loving Service

Before –

After –

Niagara At The Mall

Before –

After –

Enriching A Brewing Heritage

Before –

After –

You can read more about Eric Grohe here. Want to see more of his amazing murals then check them out here.

Every project is a grand adventure,
if passion for the work and inspiration are your guides.

Eric Grohe, excerpt from lecture at
Columbus College of Art and Design

Nov 302009
Vintage Sewing Theme

Popular items available at my clearance sale are almost gone. These are items related around the Singer sewing theme. Vintage Singer sewing machines are a classic collectable, full of vintage charm. But if you can’t own the real thing then perhaps a vintage style print would do, or a collectable sewing box to keep your sewing accessories….. These have been snapped up …[Full story]

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Oct 252009
Blog Inspiration

  Needing some Blog Inspiration? The Business Mums Network is starting a program called Blog Inspiration. Inspiration for blog posts can be found from many sources – from your business, other blogs, your kids, your family, the list is endless. Sometimes it helps to have someone else give you the inspiration you need. ….so, each week, they will post a topic …[Full story]

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Oct 052009
Interesting Snippets

    *  Many of us love to go shopping. Let’s face it, there are millions of gorgeous things out there – for your home, to pamper yourself, for gift giving and so on. But sometimes ‘bought’ is never quite as unique or original as ‘handmade’.  Handmade Is Never Out Of Fashion    – do stop by and read what Cherry Magazine has written about this.   ~~~~~~~~     …[Full story]

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Sep 212009

Interesting snippets can usually be found at The Tall Poppy so here is something well worth seeing that I must share it here too – The Girl Who Silenced The World For Five Minutes. A 13 years old girl addresses a UN meeting on the issue of environment.

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