May 082015

When we think of art and oil and acrylic paints we probably think of paintings on canvas, but there are a wide range of ‘canvases’ which can be used not just the traditional kind. You could practically name just about any material and chances are you could paint on it if you wanted to. Rocks, stones and pebbles also have a number of uses, other than that pertaining to their natural environment or garden landscaping or earth filling. So why not use them to paint on? This isn’t anything new – rock (and cave) painting was all the rage thousands of years ago but in our little creative world we have found more reason for painting on stones, rocks and pebbles. In this modern age we have let our imagination flow with gorgeous ideas.

Take a look below - here are a few pics of some creative stone paintings which I found on Pinterest. There are many more gorgeous, sweet, cute, intricate and colourful designs out there but these are just a few for you to enjoy for now.

Via Pinterest

Painted stones - Cats by Ernestina Gallina

Painted stones - Cats by Ernestina Gallina

Little Village

Little Village

Colourful Rocks

Colourful Rocks

Mandala Stone

Mandala Stone

If you like what you see you may even get inspired to give it a go yourself. Getting creative is lots of fun and these can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like. So, go ahead and get creative - here are two links which will take you to tutorials and painting tips for rock painting. Enjoy.

How to paint stones. Jane Monk Studio

How to paint stones. Jane Monk Studio

More on rock painting tips HERE.

Not sure what to paint? You’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest or Google.

Do you know anyone else who has tutorials or painting tips? Please tell us about them in the comments. 🙂

Feb 252015

Beaded candle holder

Beaded candle holder

What is the Creative Treasury?

A delightful world filled with gorgeous treasures - creative, handmade, artistic, decorative, recreated, upcycled, vintage - because life is too short for cheap imports.

Special finds and precious things, the beautiful and the best, creative and innovative; these are the things Creative Treasury will discover and bring to you.  It's a celebration of creative minds and skilful hands at work to produce amazing wares, made with love, straight from the heart and soul of the creator.

Can't wait to begin this journey.

Sep 102010

… Do you design and hand craft quality products? Do you live in Melbourne and looking for a warm, friendly and exciting place to exhibit & sell your wares?

The Handmade Show could be just for you. This is where we showcase the talents of local artisans and crafters.  Perhaps you would like to join us!

Our focus is on quality handmade products, and we love to exhibit a large range of crafts. We are on the lookout for unique, well made products that are locally made in Melbourne.

As you would know, most markets charge you a fee for holding a stall. The Handmade Show operates a little differently because we (the artists & crafters) run the market ourselves. We are a non-profit group that all share the responsibilities of running The Show, and therefore a donation from each of our stallholders is requested to go back into the general costs of running The Show. A portion of this also goes back into the RSL.

Interested in becoming a stallholder or would like to know more? Please visit The Handmade Show blog to register your interest, and you will be sent an application kit!

Jul 262010

After visiting a market recently and seeing lots of gorgeous hand crafted teddy bears, I was prompted to write about my ‘recreated’ bears. Making or recreating Teddy bears is not my usual craft but a few years back I was inspired to dress up a few cute little bears. I’d given them each a name & a little story attached. Here is one of the bears I called Daisy.

Daisy Bear adores her garden. It is her favourite pastime. It’s her passion and she reaps many rewards from her labours. But Daisy is not a selfish bear. She loves to share the fruits of her labour; and many neighbours & friends often find Daisy on their doorstep with an armful of blooms, a pretty bouquet, a basket of fragrant roses, handfuls of spring flowers or a special arrangement of her favourite picks.

Daisy is a special little bear who’s found a home with a special little girl.

Jul 092010

Did you miss out on the last Handmade Show?  Here’s your chance to catch up with us because we have another show just around the corner.


Date: Saturday 17th July 2010


Time: 11am – 3.30pm

Place: Oakleigh-Carnegie RSL

95 – 97 Drummond St.

Come and Join us for a friendly chat and an inspiring day!

All of our stalls are set inside the main hall of this wonderful venue which oozes with old world charm.  In addition to the gorgeous handmade products for sale there is a café, bar and a delightful beer garden which overlooks the local gardens & children’s playground.

A perfect setting for The Handmade Show.

Don’t miss out on the show this time around – see you there!