May 272015

Majaska Quilling Gifts Montage

I first met Maja back in 2010 in the early days of The Handmade Show. Maja’s very detailed and amazing quilling artworks caught everyone’s eye. She absolutely loved her craft and her creativity went beyond making cards and personalised framed artworks. Each month she would show us her next invention – gift box cards, magical changing pictures, miniature crafts, bracelets, …. and more recently, macrame crafts.

Majaska Quilling Gifts Montage

Maja's table filled with her creations.

Majas’s market stalls are always filled with numerous collections of different styles and surprise creations. There’s something for everyone.

Majaska at The Handmade Show

Snippets on Maja's table.

You can check out The Handmade Show website, under the name of Majaska, to find out when she is participating. Although she is usually there each third Saturday of the month and enjoys being part of the warm and friendly atmosphere, exchanging tidbits with other stall holders and chatting with market visitors.

Majaska Framed Quilled Owls

A Hoot of Owls.

Maja also sets up her work at various community events when they arise so pop over to her Facebook page and ask her where you can find her; and while you’re there have a browse through photos of more creations. Enjoy!

May 222015

Lamp shade Tutorial with Yarn and Glue

Here is something to get you started on the road to creativity with an impressive, decorative lamp shade you can make for your home. Only three items are needed and you have easy to follow instructions - watch the video below by Dana from Dana Made It and you're set to make something that will draw lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' at your craftiness.

You can use this technique to make a large, medium or small lamp shade, depending on what you need. Once you've successfully completed one you'll want to make more - maybe a string of lanterns, perfect to brighten any corner of your home or for a garden party.The lamp shade is just one idea but when you start creating you're sure to start thinking up lots more items to make.... decorative balls, bowls, sculptures .....

Just in time for a Weekend Project, so make yourself a cuppa and sit back and enjoy the video.

Now don't put it off. Give it a go.

Enjoy your crafting.

Dana has a website full of lovely crafty things so have a look around to see what else you can try.

May 202015

Recreated treasures are a passion of mine. So not only do I love recreating things I also enjoy seeking them out. There are loads of gorgeous ideas around and today I present you with one of those ideas I came across - The Spoon Flower – cute name and beautiful work. This is all about reusing, recycling and reducing - the old, items past, items discarded and re-inventing them into custom stamped silverware and bespoke garden and plant wares that are ideal gifts for the eco-conscious or environmental lover. ReuseRecycle

This is what makes Jade Holi excited.... VintageSpoons
Jade Holi then takes a hammer to her collection of old silverware that she seeks out from op shops or wherever second-hand items can be found and hammers them with a whole lot of love. Workbench

Each item is hand stamped onto a vintage silver plated spoon or fork that has been hammered flat. They are rustic, they show signs of their vintage patina, they are rescued & recycled, they are made in the moment and, as with all handmade, they are all made with love.…. Just beautiful! LoveYouJade is driven by...

... an eco-conscious mind. She strives to create a sustainable life that is full of adventure and lives in hope that the world will be a better place by giving back just a little - sprouting seeds on the window sill, growing flowers in the garden, keeping chooks in the yard, eating vegetables from the patch & looking for rainbows after the rain with my daughters...... Pot display

A little bit vintage, a little fanciful …. Bloom

To find out more or follow Jade’s ramblings take a peek behind the scenes at The Spoon Flower.
To purchase any of Jade’s creations go to her ETSY store or Down That Little Lane. She also makes-to-order if you have a special  saying you’d like stamped or an occasion needing a gift.
You can also follow The Spoon Flower on Facebook.

Apr 282015

Hampers and Nappy Cakes

Hampers and Nappy Cakes

How creative can you get with baby goods? There’s a smorgasbord of gorgeous ideas when it comes to gift giving, whether it be for expectant mother or baby or both. There is one interesting type of gift, the idea of which has been around for quite some time, called Nappy Cakes. The name makes me want to giggle a bit but I guess the original Nappy Cakes were mainly made using cloth nappies and designed to look like a cake.





There are many small businesses with their own ideas floating around but I came across some designs that are quite original (or at least I haven’t see anything similar), and they don’t all look like cakes. They’re so different that they probably shouldn’t be called Nappy Cakes, but Nappy ‘Something Else’… I can’t think of what … do you have any ideas?



Petit Moulin












Lucy from Petit Moulin has an amazing design collection all made of nappies and baby goods. She is very clever in how she sculpts the baby goods into castles, trucks, drum kits, cars, butterflies, owls, motorbikes, prams … the designs list goes on … and of course, if you prefer the ‘traditional’ cake shape, they are included in her portfolio too.

Lucy also creates a variety of other hampers and chocolate bouquets. If you have an idea she will gladly come up with a gorgeous design just for you. She’s happy to work on custom orders to suit your needs and budget.

I met Lucy at The Handmade Show in April this year and was able to have a nice little chat about her ‘hobby turning business’ hopes. She began with putting together a gift pack for a friend, and then another …. Does this sound familiar? So Petit Moulin is at the starting out phase, setting up, getting the ‘word’ out and trying out some handmade markets to begin with.

Lucy from Petit Moulin at The Handmade Show

Lucy from Petit Moulin at The Handmade Show

I think Lucy’s designs will do well, but don’t just stop reading here, go on and have a browse at her collection of designs so far. Meet her at her Facebook page Petit Moulin and go ahead and ask her questions and check out which Melbourne markets she’ll be attending. She also hand makes other little bits and pieces for the little and big princesses.

Nappy Cake Gift Hamper

Nappy Cake Gift Hamper

All the best to Lucy with her business venture.

Apr 212015

Samantha Jones a

This following quote came through loud and clear whilst chatting with a very enthusiastic & creative lady at The Handmade Show last weekend.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. — Maya Angelou

The enthusiasm oozing out from Samantha, of Samantha Jones Designs, touched me incredibly. It's definitely catchy! When someone talks to you about their love of creating and the miles of ideas coming through that they just can't catch up with them - "too many ideas and not enough time to do them all" - and how life could be 24/7 full of designing and creating, it's bound to have an effect on the listener.

Samantha Jones c

Samantha is passionate about what she creates. She loves rich textures and vibrant colours and creating Photographic Designs and Polymer Clay pieces that reflect this. She had worked in the corporate world for 20 years and always had a creative outlet of one type or another. She discovered the medium of Polymer Clay and what began as a hobby turned into a passion. With her youngest child starting school in 2013, she decided to “seize the moment” and start her own small business – Samantha Jones Design, unique polymer clay jewellery and photographic designs.

Samantha Jones b

Samantha says -

Polymer clay is such a beautiful medium to work with. What you are able to create with it is limitless. I love jewellery and was always searching for something unique with rich colour and wonderful textures and I can incorporate it all – using clay.

Take a look at some of her gorgeous designs Here.

Samantha Jones f

Samantha Jones Design jewellery is available from :

Beach House Gallery Mentone
57 Beach Rd
Victoria, Australia

Plus you can find her at various markets around Melbourne. She advertises where she'll be on her Facebook page. Pay her a visit and set a date to meet her at one her upcoming markets - you're sure to come away with a smile, a great feeling within ... and possibly one or two of her fabulous creations.

Well, the yearning to create has definitely been aroused in me. Although it hadn't left me entirely over the last few years, it definitely went on leave and is ready to come back. Thank you Samantha, it was great chatting with you at The Handmade Show.