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I adore beautiful things... vintage, recreated, French chic, Tuscan style, Shabby elegance, Vintage chic, Handmade... I enjoy warm sunny days, the beach, chardy, champers, coffee & chocolate!

I have a love for handmade and genuinely enjoy being a support for crafters and artisans, for small business, wahms and wahps ~ for all things creative… perhaps it’s a follow-on from my days as organiser of The Handmade Show.

Special finds and precious things, the beautiful, creative and innovative; what motivates and inspires - these are the things I’m aiming to collect into Creative Treasury. It’s a celebration of creative minds and skilful hands at work to produce amazing things, made with love, straight from the heart and soul of the creator.

Through the doors of the creative hubs lie stories behind every creation and every maker. I enjoy discovering what inspires them and how they develop their ideas. Travel with me on this journey of discovery and join in with some chit-chat along the way. My desire is to continue designing, painting, being creative, fossicking through garage sales, opp shops and recycling yards; recreating & repurposing; or searching for great vintage buys - And sharing it all with you.

And who knows, perhaps even those who have never tried to make, bake, craft, draft, paint, construct or write may become inspired to get creative.
Come along …

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