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A World of New and Recreated Treasures. The website – epdesigns.com.au – was fully engaged from Dec 2007 to November 2010.
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  • It's Market Time!
    It’s Market Time!

    The Handmade Show is only 2 days away and EP Designs will be there. The venue will be full of gorgeous wares hand crafted by creative artisans & crafters. Come along for an enjoyable day. Browse the stalls and then relax at Cafe Handmade where the menu is tempting & yum. Saturday August 18th 10.30am – 3.30pm St. Anthony’s Parish …[Full story]

  • Happy 2011!
    Happy 2011!

      Wishing You A Happy New Year! The start of a new year has me reminiscing about the past year and looking forward to the new one. Lots has been achieved but what’s past is past & now I go forward with a new collection of life’s experiences & great expectations for work, rest, creativity and prosperity. I hope your 2011 …[Full story]

  • Two Weeks To Go!
    Two Weeks To Go!

    I’ve been busily preparing for The Handmade Show which only a couple of weeks away. The team at THS is offering another Gift Voucher as a door prize prize at the next show which is on Saturday 20th November. If you live in Melbourne or are visiting here then jot this date in your diary & come to visit us at THS. …[Full story]

  • A Great Team.
    A Great Team.

    It’s a great feeling  knowing there’s a great team of dedicated workers who are using their talents & skills and giving their time to build up a successful show.  The Handmade Show committee members are workers, parents, artists and crafters (mostly a combination of each), yet they give their precious time to help organise and build up a boutique style market … to make a dream become …[Full story]

  • The Handmade Show
    The Handmade Show

    It’s here again! Time passes by so quickly it’s hard to believe the October show is only one day away.  The Handmade Show committee have been busily organising & promoting the show and processing new applications. I’m looking forward to meeting new stallholders & browsing their creations. There’s also a fabulous prize to win. Everyone who comes to THS will be …[Full story]

  • Op Shopping
    Op Shopping

    Are you an op shopper?  If so, what is it about op shops that draw you in? These stores are usually overflowing with all kinds of paraphernalia. Stocked full from floor to ceiling there’s sure to be an abundance of stuff to send a spark of interest and keep it zapping like a live wire as you fossick through. What was someone’s …[Full story]

  • The Art of Transformation
    The Art of Transformation

    Eric Grohe creates amazing mural art designed to transform the environment and to endure for generations. He works in cooperation with architects, designers and community representatives to create these masterpieces.  Eric believes that … his art should involve, challenge and inspire the viewer; not simply adorn, but integrate with its architectural surroundings. I would love to see this kind of work on some …[Full story]

  • Nominate My Blog
    Nominate My Blog

    The time has arrived again for the Business Mums Network Blog Awards. The theme for the 2010 awards is – Blogs by a business mum that tells us about her business. As usual I leave things until the last minute so I’m now short on time to get nominations in for my blog. How does this work? Firstly, click on …[Full story]

  • Are You Creative, Crafty, Arty ....
    Are You Creative, Crafty, Arty ….

    … Do you design and hand craft quality products? Do you live in Melbourne and looking for a warm, friendly and exciting place to exhibit & sell your wares? The Handmade Show could be just for you. This is where we showcase the talents of local artisans and crafters.  Perhaps you would like to join us! Our focus is on quality …[Full story]

  • Daisy Bear
    Daisy Bear

    After visiting a market recently and seeing lots of gorgeous hand crafted teddy bears, I was prompted to write about my ‘recreated’ bears. Making or recreating Teddy bears is not my usual craft but a few years back I was inspired to dress up a few cute little bears. I’d given them each a name & a little story attached. Here is …[Full story]

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