Jun 172015

There’s creativity with coffee. I’m a coffee lover and find myself pondering and brainstorming many ideas over a cup of good, real coffee. When I call it 'real' coffee I'm actually referring to espresso or percolated, not instant coffee. And my coffee has to be just right - it needs to be freshly prepared and enjoyed immediately; it needs to be strong, with perfect temperature and crema; and it needs to be served with a warm, friendly smile (if I'm at a cafe).  I'm then ready to ponder, make notes, plan, think, design, brainstorm, get inspired, and so on.

Creativity With Coffee, On Coffee and After Coffee.

Creativity With Coffee, On Coffee and After Coffee.

There is an art to making coffee and if you are a coffee enthusiast chances are you are always seeking out the best coffees in town. Baristas who take pride in their work are like artists. They are aiming for perfection. The perfect coffee comes about from a combination of coffee grinder, coffee machine, coffee beans blend, and of course, the barista. The barista practises countless hours in the art of coffee-making just as an artist or crafter would practice and experiment on their craft.

Thank goodness for great coffee and talented baristas who will also add some creative flair on the silky smooth cappuccino froth - it makes me feel special.

So take a break from whatever is stressing you, bothering you, filling up your day and visit this category - Coffee Art - for an inspiring, relaxing or humorous Coffee Art Chit-Chat session. Make yourself a perfect cuppa and scroll through all the posts (written after this post as this is the first one introducing the category). The aim is to put a smile on your face or a giggle in your heart, take your mind away from daily work, inspire you and make you feel good.

Keep checking back for new posts in this category.