Apr 232015


I do like the idea of holding a glass of champagne in one hand and a paint brush in the other and happily caressing the canvas with a paint-loaded brush... I’m sure that most people out there love going to social events with an atmosphere of fun. Have you heard of Social ArtWorking? Have you ever thought of putting your hand to a paint brush? No? How about trying something new? Take a a few moments and read on.


Social ArtWorking is a canvas painting party that gives people a chance to try art without all the hassle of purchasing equipment and supplies. If you can’t even draw stick figures or don’t know which end of a paint brush to use on the canvas you can still create a piece of artwork. This is not about splashing paint around on a canvas or doing a ‘Pro Hart’ on the carpet (although his work was amazing); this is about getting together with friends, family, kids or work colleagues and having a whole lot of fun - and coming away with your very own masterpiece.

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Tracy from Warratahstree can show you how. She will provide all materials needed and give you step-by-step instructions on what to do. Social ArtWorking can be set up in your home, a business venue of your choice, a local neighbourhood house, or you could check with Tracy for upcoming events to join in.

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Creating a piece of art along with friends, in a great atmosphere, can be so much fun. Think about this next time you need to organise a social activity: be it for a family function, team building activity, office party, charity function, children’s party, or any occasion you can think of where a few people want to get together and have some fun.


Tracy is a wonder with her creative work and she absolutely loves this side of her business; she has a knack of drawing out the creative side of everyone who gives it a go.

Have a browse at more canvas designs plus find out more over at Tracy’s website – Warratahstree. You can also follow Tracy on Facebook or check out her latest posts on her blog.

Do you need to organise an event?Or are you looking for something different to do? Give Social ArtWorking a go.... and then come back here and show us your masterpiece!