Aug 112009


I’m considering changing the name of my blog. This blog has always be named EP Designs but I’m thnking about changing it to The Creative Treasury. I don’t know why I do things out-of-the-blue like this but thought I’d trial the change.

The name EP Designs has been used since my ‘hobby business’ days and it’s the business name I registered. I think it’s because I got so used to that name. I’m in the process of ‘renovating’ this blog but wanted to give it a more ‘interesting’ name.

I don’t know if this is a good idea or whether it will just confuse people who visit here. If I keep this title I’ll also change the header design.

The other names I’m considering is Decorative Treasury or Timeless Treasures

I’ll have a think about it for a short while, but would love to know what you think. Should I make the change? Or should I go back to the original name?


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  4 Responses to “The Creative Treasury”

  1. I like “the Creative Treasury”!

  2. I really like “The Creative Treasury”
    Your blog is lovely i like the colours and the layout

  3. The Creative Treasury is a really lovely name. It has a classic ring to it that is unlikely to date. Nice choice!

  4. Thank you all for the feedback. I’ll be wanting to make a change soon but I’d like it to coincide with a blog makeover …. don’t know how long that will take though, lol

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