Jun 252015

Recycle Greeting Cards

If you're anything like me then you might be keeping all the greeting cards you've ever been given. But as time goes on you can't keep them all. So over the years I've had to sort and keep only a few with special sentiments, as a memento of an occasion. The rest got stacked into my 'card basket' for repurposing. Now I know you can't re-give used greeting cards, but you can repurpose them. So I did repurpose them by recreating them into gift tags - to give as a 'thank you' gift to past customers, to use as a gift tag on gifts, or to make packets of gift tags to give as gifts to friends.

This would have to be one the easiest crafty projects you could do. It's so simple and you most likely have all the materials you need at home.

I have an assortment of crafty odds and ends, bits and pieces that I have collected over the years due to the creative work I had been doing for my EP Designs business. I probably have more than the average person who doesn't have a creative hobby or business but chances are that you also have a few bits and pieces around the house to collect. So this project could easily cost you nothing or at the very most $2-$5 for embellishments and ribbons.

What you need -

  1. Collection of used greeting cards - from any occasion or season.
  2. Scissors - fancy edged craft scissors in a pattern/s of your choice; if you don't have any then straight edge is fine.
  3. Hole puncher.
  4. Assorted ribbons, string or fine cords.
  5. Glitter fabric paint and other embellishments (optional)

The size and shape of these gift tags will depend on the design on your card and where the handwritten message is positioned inside (which will become the back of the gift tag).

Cut Portions of Greeting Cards To Make Gift Tags or Note Tags

There is no rule other than cut out portions of your card that look good to you and is free from any handwritten message on the back. Sometimes there is a printed verse on the card that may suit your purposes - it's up to you if you wish to include it.

Add Ties Using Ribbons. Embellish With Glitter Paint.

Add Ties Using Ribbons. Embellish With Glitter Paint.

Other uses for cards - scrapbooking, use portions as embellishments to make new greeting cards or montage artwork.

These Recycled Cards Were Used As a Gift For a Goodie Bag Giveaway.

These Recycled Cards Were Used As a Gift For a Goodie Bag Giveaway.

Give it a try and you will see how simple it is to do and how sweet they will be.

Enjoy the project.

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