Jun 022015

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On an overseas trip many years ago a friend of mine advised me this, "if you see something you like, buy it because you may not come across it again in your travels". I took note of this advice and found it mostly to be true. Once gone from a city, town or island the things that most caught my eye and impressed me were not to be found again in another location. Similar designs might be found but usually not the exact one.

Edna Walling Bickleigh Vale Estate

Similar advice was given by Madeleine Willingham (Maddie's Corner Cottage) who held special weekends in her home - amidst the rambling gardens on the famous Edna Walling Bickleigh Vale Estate - twice yearly her home was filled with a gorgeous array of handmade crafts and beautiful arts from a wide range of crafters and artisans; people would come from all over Melbourne to attend and the queue from the front door would wind down the driveway and around the garden. Once through the doors you would pick up handmade treasures that caught your eye, as you saw them - there was no going back for it if you didn't because it would be gone.

Recreated, Repurposed, Renewed.

Recreated, Repurposed, Renewed.

This same advice is what I'd like to pass on to those of you who love handmade creations. Even when items can be made-to-order they're not always like the one you first saw and liked. How many times have you been to a market thinking, "I'll buy it next time", but next time the stallholder is not there or you don't remember their name. Always take one of their cards and note down what interested you; but if you find something that's one-of-a-kind and you really love it, then buy it. Is it a treat for yourself or a perfect gift for someone in 3 months time? Whatever the occasion or whenever it's needed, if you've found it then don't pass it up.

Happy shopping.