Aug 312015
Doylies Recreated

The first project on my Handmade Challenge list is completed. I have a number of lace and embroidered doylies which I collected over the years for some of my past creative work, so now seemed a good time to do something more with them. There are heaps of ideas on Pinterest so to set me off on the creative path …[Full story]

Aug 072015
The Handmade Challenge

I came across a lovely blog called My Handmade Adventure. The author is Karen, a Melbourne blogger, and her blog is about making things, discovering new crafty skills, and rejoicing in the skills of other talented people. Sounds like my kind of blog. She set up The Handmade Challenge for 2015 at the start of this year but I thought …[Full story]

Aug 042015
Contemporary Bark Art

Contemporary Bark Art by Shirley Yeates It was the miniature designs that caught my attention at first, and then as I looked at the whole stall set-up I saw a collection of very different art. I hadn’t seen anything like this before so I had to stop and chat to the lovely lady who created these gorgeous artworks. It’s amazing …[Full story]