Sep 042015

Coffee Art

I'm sitting down at my computer with a great cup of freshly percolated coffee and with the intention of doing some blog maintenance and other bits and pieces; instead, I end up doing a reminiscing tour of the EP Designs archives. This was not on my list of things to do but once I got started I simply had to continue.

I'm amazed at how much blogging I did between Dec 2007 and Nov 2010. Back then I had three blogs on the go - although the EP Treasures blog, which is on Blogger, was my first try at blogging. I then discovered WordPress, loved it, so set up the EP Designs blog using WordPress.

There definitely wasn't a shortage of blog post ideas and I had lots of fun meeting other bloggers along the way. There were the creative people, business people and personal bloggers; Aussie bloggers and international; there were weekly or monthly memes, pay-it-forwards, tips, quotes, jokes and laughs, shopping and sales, giveaways, mentions in magazines and other blogs, and sharing of new and exciting blogs or treasures discovered.

It was a real blast from the past .... and a rather inspiring tour. I didn't get any blog maintenance done but I've managed to write this post.  And guess what I found? Although I remember writing most of those posts this one I completely forgot about - The Creative Treasury - Oh my Gosh! I was actually thinking of a name change for EP Designs blog instead of starting up a new website. That was August 2009 (as I'm writing now, that's six years ago - that's how long I've been missing in action). What I was doing back then in blogging is pretty much what I'd like to be doing now, however, without the stress of plugging business to make sales; but adding more stories behind the creative people and more creative fun things and sharing personal treasures and adding some good, fun chit-chats along the way.... with a good, strong cup of coffee and chocolate next to me, or a glass of bubbly or wine.

Alas, the EP Designs blog is still live - (I'm not blogging there - it's kind of hard to pull the plug on it... when the time is right it will go). All posts have been imported to this site and listed under the EP Designs Archives category. 

Since setting up the Creative Treasury website I've thought and re-thought what I would be doing with it as it's mainly a personal blog; And it keeps changing. I think I'll continue as I am for now and follow the path to wherever it leads.

Life is full of good things that need to be shared.

Jan 052011


Wishing You A Happy New Year!

The start of a new year has me reminiscing about the past year and looking forward to the new one. Lots has been achieved but what’s past is past & now I go forward with a new collection of life’s experiences & great expectations for work, rest, creativity and prosperity.

I hope your 2011 will be prosperous, exciting, fun, happy and accompanied with good health.

I’m looking forward to a great year of blogging too. If you’re reading this please take time to say Hi.

Sep 152010

The time has arrived again for the Business Mums Network Blog Awards. The theme for the 2010 awards is –

Blogs by a business mum that tells us about her business.

As usual I leave things until the last minute so I’m now short on time to get nominations in for my blog.

How does this work?

Firstly, click on the Nominate My Blog button at the top of this post. This takes you to the blog awards page where the information is given. You will also find the Terms & Conditions there too. If you’re happy with everything and you’d like to nominate my blog, please scroll down to where you see Click here – this takes you to the nomination page.

You can nominate as many blogs as you like, but you can only nominate each blog once.

What happens next?

The 3-5 blogs with the highest number of nominations will be chosen as finalists.

Prizes are also being given out to those who nominate blogs.

So, if you like what you see on my EP Designs blog please nominate it before the end of today.

Jun 032010

Dear Blogging Friends,

I have been contacted by a blogging friend notifying me that she has been unable to leave a commnt on this blog. I don’t know what the problem would be or what may be causing it.  If you are reading this could you please help by trying out the comment function. 

My comment button is found at the end of each post and I’ve called it Creative Chit Chats.

If it doesn’t work for you please contact me & let me know, including any error messages or anything else that’s happening or not happening. You’ll find the Contact link in the sidebar near top.

Many thanks in advance.

Feb 052010

No, you’re not at the wrong blog. Wondering why my pretty looking blog has disappeared? Read on and ….

Welcome to Pink Saturday!

It’s a long story but it will return looking all fresh and with a new design. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m prone to what I call my techo ‘accidentals’. I won’t bore you with all the details but the EP Designs blog was due for a revamp over the next couple months. My ‘accidental’ means it will happen sooner rather than later – along with the introduction of a new blog – not to replace this blog but to work as an extension of it.

I won’t say any more for now, so please excuse me while I work on the changes. I hope this plain look doens’t turn you off in the meantime….. stay tuned for the new design.


… And now for our weekly challenge here are a couple of participants I’d like to introduce you to – Do pop in and say ‘Hi’ –

Marta from The Love of Junk

Marilyn from Unshelved Words


Have a Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!


There are many wonderful entries for Pink Saturday which is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Take time to visit participants’ blogs and see how Pink everyone’s Saturdays can be.


I found this graphic while searching for something pink to share with you today – sending you all lots of pink hearts & hugs.

Ciao for now!

Elena 🙂