May 272015

Majaska Quilling Gifts Montage

I first met Maja back in 2010 in the early days of The Handmade Show. Maja’s very detailed and amazing quilling artworks caught everyone’s eye. She absolutely loved her craft and her creativity went beyond making cards and personalised framed artworks. Each month she would show us her next invention – gift box cards, magical changing pictures, miniature crafts, bracelets, …. and more recently, macrame crafts.

Majaska Quilling Gifts Montage

Maja's table filled with her creations.

Majas’s market stalls are always filled with numerous collections of different styles and surprise creations. There’s something for everyone.

Majaska at The Handmade Show

Snippets on Maja's table.

You can check out The Handmade Show website, under the name of Majaska, to find out when she is participating. Although she is usually there each third Saturday of the month and enjoys being part of the warm and friendly atmosphere, exchanging tidbits with other stall holders and chatting with market visitors.

Majaska Framed Quilled Owls

A Hoot of Owls.

Maja also sets up her work at various community events when they arise so pop over to her Facebook page and ask her where you can find her; and while you’re there have a browse through photos of more creations. Enjoy!

Feb 202010

Miniature collectables or dust gatherers? After my last major clean out where I went too far I decided to take some time to ‘think’ about what goes out next. These are just a few rediscovered treasures which have been in hiding. Occasionally when I tidy up and can’t decide what to do, or where to put certain things they usually end up in a bag or drawer or box. The unfortunate thing is they end up staying there for ages, sometimes years,  before I find them again.

These miniatures are not items of any great value except that they are sentimental in some ways. The little pink & gold Limoges teapot was given to me by a very dear friend; the other items are mementos from overseas trips or gifts from friends while overseas. The milk jug cover is something I bought for myself several years ago but have never used it….. Well it’s out of the drawer now so it will be put to use …finally. I think the others need a little display case … I’ll have a think about it – any suggestions on how to display them would be appreciated 🙂

I’m still moving things about the house – it seems to be an ongoing & never ending chore but at least I get to rediscover some of those past treasures. I wonder what I’ll find next?