Recreated, Recycled

A collection of items given a new life. They’ve been rescued, recycled, upcycled, renewed, repurposed … and oh how gorgeous they are!

May 202015

Recreated treasures are a passion of mine. So not only do I love recreating things I also enjoy seeking them out. There are loads of gorgeous ideas around and today I present you with one of those ideas I came across - The Spoon Flower – cute name and beautiful work. This is all about reusing, recycling and reducing - the old, items past, items discarded and re-inventing them into custom stamped silverware and bespoke garden and plant wares that are ideal gifts for the eco-conscious or environmental lover. ReuseRecycle

This is what makes Jade Holi excited.... VintageSpoons
Jade Holi then takes a hammer to her collection of old silverware that she seeks out from op shops or wherever second-hand items can be found and hammers them with a whole lot of love. Workbench

Each item is hand stamped onto a vintage silver plated spoon or fork that has been hammered flat. They are rustic, they show signs of their vintage patina, they are rescued & recycled, they are made in the moment and, as with all handmade, they are all made with love.…. Just beautiful! LoveYouJade is driven by...

... an eco-conscious mind. She strives to create a sustainable life that is full of adventure and lives in hope that the world will be a better place by giving back just a little - sprouting seeds on the window sill, growing flowers in the garden, keeping chooks in the yard, eating vegetables from the patch & looking for rainbows after the rain with my daughters...... Pot display

A little bit vintage, a little fanciful …. Bloom

To find out more or follow Jade’s ramblings take a peek behind the scenes at The Spoon Flower.
To purchase any of Jade’s creations go to her ETSY store or Down That Little Lane. She also makes-to-order if you have a special  saying you’d like stamped or an occasion needing a gift.
You can also follow The Spoon Flower on Facebook.

Apr 102015
From Old to Recreated

We all need a little colour to brighten our days. I personally love lots of sunshine streaming through the windows. But when the skies are grey it’s nice to be surrounded by pretty things to help brighten up those dull corners. So today I’ll share with you a couple of recreated items…. a blast from the past from the EP …[Full story]

Mar 052010
From The Archives ...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! It’s exciting to get back into Pink Saturday. For those of you who pop in frequently, you will notice I have a New Look blog. This coincides nicely with my 200th blog post…. So stay tuned for a celebration to mark these two events! While doing my ‘on again – off again’ clean up around the garage & …[Full story]

Nov 282009
Beautiful Things For Beautiful People

Today I’m sharing with you three things – a recreated piece, a printed piece and something just for you. Welcome to Pink Saturday!   This bowl was in a sad state when I bought it from a recycling yard. Originally it would have had a fixed overhead handle, but the handle must have been long gone before I found it. The silver that did cover …[Full story]

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Oct 172009
Quick Pink

Welcome to Pink Saturday!  For this week’s Pink I only have one small item to show. This is going to be a quick post because I’m recovering from viruses, whooping cough and an injured shoulder ….. if things come in threes I hope this will be last of it, lol. … I just didn’t want to miss out on seeing my  Pink Saturday friends. This is …[Full story]

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