Oct 182010

It’s a great feeling  knowing there’s a great team of dedicated workers who are using their talents & skills and giving their time to build up a successful show.  The Handmade Show committee members are workers, parents, artists and crafters (mostly a combination of each), yet they give their precious time to help organise and build up a boutique style market … to make a dream become reality; to give an opportunity to the exhibit & sell extraordinary creative works; to offer benefits to the community as a not-for-profit organisation.

 This is not an easy task but it is an exciting one especially when you can see progress. Karen from MooBee Tees (and a committee member) says –

I’m proud to say that our baby is no longer crawling, and is now walking :0)

I must also give a big Thank You  to Karen, Bobbie, Samone, Jade, Kerri and Regina – we’ve still got lots to do but the job that’s been done so far is fabulous.

Oct 152010

It’s here again! Time passes by so quickly it’s hard to believe the October show is only one day away.  The Handmade Show committee have been busily organising & promoting the show and processing new applications. I’m looking forward to meeting new stallholders & browsing their creations.

There’s also a fabulous prize to win. Everyone who comes to THS will be given a free entry into the draw to win a $40 Gift Voucher. This is a great giveaway but to be in it to win you need to come to the show.   More Info Here.

Don’t forget – this is an Indoor show so you can Browse through at a leisurely pace, chat with the crafters & artisans, enjoy a drink from the bar …. and enter the giveaway – it’s a free entry plus you receive an extra 2 entries with every purchase. Sounds good to me! You’re sure to have a fabulous time 🙂

Of course, EP Designs will be there so come along and say ‘Hi’ to us.

The Handmade Show
Saturday 16th October
11 am – 3.30pm
95-97 Drummond St. Oakleigh
Sep 102010

… Do you design and hand craft quality products? Do you live in Melbourne and looking for a warm, friendly and exciting place to exhibit & sell your wares?

The Handmade Show could be just for you. This is where we showcase the talents of local artisans and crafters.  Perhaps you would like to join us!

Our focus is on quality handmade products, and we love to exhibit a large range of crafts. We are on the lookout for unique, well made products that are locally made in Melbourne.

As you would know, most markets charge you a fee for holding a stall. The Handmade Show operates a little differently because we (the artists & crafters) run the market ourselves. We are a non-profit group that all share the responsibilities of running The Show, and therefore a donation from each of our stallholders is requested to go back into the general costs of running The Show. A portion of this also goes back into the RSL.

Interested in becoming a stallholder or would like to know more? Please visit The Handmade Show blog to register your interest, and you will be sent an application kit!

Mar 052010

Welcome to Pink Saturday!

It’s exciting to get back into Pink Saturday. For those of you who pop in frequently, you will notice I have a New Look blog. This coincides nicely with my 200th blog post…. So stay tuned for a celebration to mark these two events!

While doing my ‘on again – off again’ clean up around the garage & work area I organised a small collection of teapots. Some will need to be recreated & some are more of the ‘collecting’ type. I don’t have any newer recreations to show you so I fossicked through my photo archives to find one old teapot which was given a makeover a few year back.

Of course this can’t be used as a teapot but it can be used as a decorative piece. The teapot is more pink in colour than is showing up in the photo. In the above photo it’s sitting elegantly on a recreated tray.

Old teapots make charming vessels for beautiful blooms …. preferably the real kind though – don’t know what I was thinking when I took this photo, lol.


… And now for our weekly challenge – here is a delightful participant I’d like to introduce you to –

Diana from Sissie’s Shabby Cottage

There are many wonderful entries for Pink Saturday which is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Take time to visit other participants’ blogs and see how Pink everyone’s Saturdays can be – you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!


PS: I would love your thoughts on my New Blog design – so if you have some feedback for me I loved to read it – Here .

Jan 152010

Welcome to Pink Saturday! 

If you like surrounding yourself with beautiful things then your walls are a great place to start – so, go on, hang some beautiful, decorative pieces on your walls. 

These photos show a gorgeous, long panel print of antique crockery. Just right for that Vintage Chic look.

When the walls are taken care of you can whimsically toss a gorgeous pink lace throw over your lounge chair, couch or bed.

This pink throw is also trimmed with hand-dyed fringing, made to match the lace.

It wouldn’t be the same on Pink Saturday if we didn’t include a picture of some beautiful blooms. These pink lilies looked absolutely amazing – the photo does not do them justice. They stood magnificently in a glass vase at the foot of the alter in the chapel of Our Lady of the Angels.

Flowers like these do last a very long time & would cheer up your home and heart continuously…. not forgetting the lovely fragrance they send out.

… And now for our weekly challenge here are a couple of participants I’d like to introduce you to  –

Mary from Across The Pond

Ann from Ann Fannie’s Green Acres

There are many wonderful entries for Pink Saturday which is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Take time to visit other participants’ blogs and see how Pink everyone’s Saturdays can be – you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!