Feb 252015

Beaded candle holder

Beaded candle holder

What is the Creative Treasury?

A delightful world filled with gorgeous treasures - creative, handmade, artistic, decorative, recreated, upcycled, vintage - because life is too short for cheap imports.

Special finds and precious things, the beautiful and the best, creative and innovative; these are the things Creative Treasury will discover and bring to you.  It's a celebration of creative minds and skilful hands at work to produce amazing wares, made with love, straight from the heart and soul of the creator.

Can't wait to begin this journey.

  2 Responses to “Creative Treasury”

  1. Wow! Did you make that beaded candle holder, Elena? It’s just gorgeous!
    Siobhan x

    • Hi Siobhan, Thank you for stopping by. Yes, that’s one of my recreated items from EP Designs (my small business which operated until a couple years ago and is now closed). 🙂

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